One of the major difficulties, biotech start-ups face is how to shorten the time-to-market and complete clinical trial stages as fast as possible.

More Services

Setup specialists will assist you
Our study setup specialists will assist you to set appropriate logistic procedures, to ensure fast and smooth trial run. We will help you to ask yourselves essential questions and get professional answers you can trust.
Import & Export department
Our import & export department knows how to promptly overcome even the most unexpected obstacles while complying with frequently changing regulatory requirements.
Highly professional staff
Your drug will be handled by highly professional staff, stored, and distributed in accordance with GDP / GMP standards. Trialog will protect the safety and efficacy of your products throughout crucial points of your supply chain.
In-house QP
We have our in-house QP personnel on board
Experienced Labelling department
Our experienced Labelling department will assist you with translations and correct labelling of your products.
Need to source comparators?
Our purchasing department can come up with a proposal in the shortest time and locally supply drugs and equipment. We understand your challenges and can assist to minimize your trial expenses. We can offer you equipment for rent.
Earlier stage assistance
We can meet you even at a much earlier stage! If you need professional assistance with your study submission and translations, we can do it for you as well.
Patient recruitment
Your trial is stuck because of patient recruitment problems? We are here with our patient recruitment platform Optio – cost-effective solution to raise a campaign and get access to our patients database.